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Naples Soap Company
Offering the highest quality natural bath and body products that are not only beautiful, but more importantly, actually work.

Welcome to Naples Soap Company. We offer the highest quality natural bath and body products that are not only beautiful, but more importantly, actually work.

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  • Sunrise/Sunset Sea Salt Scrub

    Just an example of one of the hundreds of products carried at Naples Soap Co.

    An extremely unusual combination of activated charcoal (detox) atop sea salt soap with bits of orange peel (exfoliation)

    An NSC Top Seller!

    How to use Florida Sunrise/Sunset Sea Salt Soap:
    Apply directly to wet skin to achieve desired amount of lather to cleanse the skin. Rinse and repeat as needed. Keep product out of eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.

    Care Instructions:
    Keep soap out of water when not in use. Store soap bar away from running water to prolong use of the product.

    Ingredients: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Soybean Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Sea Salt, Hemp Oil, Activated Charcoal, Orange Peel, Fragrance

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  • Meet Deanna Renda, Founder and CEO

    I personally struggled and suffered with eczema and psoriasis most of my life. I tried everything to relieve my symptoms - including products recommended by dermatologists. When my daughter was born, she too, had eczema. I knew there had to be a solution, there had to be a better way. Nothing we tried worked, or at least worked for any period of time I began a diligent search for products that would relieve our symptoms. 

    Having been a nurse, I understood the effects harsh commercial chemicals can have on the body. Reading labels of products and researching common ingredients in cosmetic and beauty products was a real eye opener. I learned about propylene glycol, parabens, hardening agents, sulfates, and much more. I began using natural and organic products on myself and my daughter. Before long, we were seeing amazing results. The combination of these ingredients made a tremendous difference in our skin. Eventually we were both free of our skin issues. 

    Since Naples Soap Co. opened its doors in 2009, people from all over the world have become loyal users of our products for their chronic skin issues. It is my pleasure to share my knowledge and experience. I opened the first store in Naples in 2009 in a 300 sq ft space. Today we have 6 retail locations in Southwest Florida with over 12,000 sq ft. Our retail operations have expanded internationally to 5 shops in Tokyo. Wholesale operations continue to rapidly expand across the US. We create a beautiful effective product and the word has spread.

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