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5on Google,Sep 29, 2020

Nice area to walk around at night. Food, drink, music, game for children, zipline ... $10 for parking per car.

5on Trip Advisor,Sep 28, 2020

Pleasantly Surprised I booked a room on short notice two weeks ago for my 10 year wedding anniversary. I called the resort and spoke to Madison about looking for a one bedroom for a two night stay. Madison was friendly and courteous and informed me that they only had two bedrooms available but would be glad to offer a 10% discount because there were no 1 beds available for my dates. Booking in the panhandle is often tricky as they have had to deal with Storms that not only devastated property, but also created staffing issues as many locals were driven away after the devastation. Now add Covid-19 on top of that and you have a recipe for failure that takes direct aim at the hospitality industry. Look no further than the many negative reviews on trip advisor to see the affect its had across the country. Its simply hard to staff, and create experiences that would warrant overwhelmingly positive reviews. That being said we were coming either way and kept our fingers crossed that our 10 year celebration would be more hospitality and less " adventure " Check in was at 4:00pm and we headed up to the room. Upon entry we found the room to smell fresh and clean! Thats a good start. As we toured the interior we noticed that the bathrooms were spotless ( no hairs in sinks or showers to greet us " and the bedrooms were impeccably prepped. The Kitchen was perfect, my wife is a stickler about the cleanliness of the fridge and microwave, both were flawless. Also wanted to note that the complementary bottles of shampoo and mouthwash were nicer quality, made in Canada, not China - this undoubtedly costs more but was a very nice touch. We noticed! We travel extensively, mainly in Florida and have had many "average" stays along the way. This was one to write about. I hope the resort takes note of room 303 East and can use it as an example of what went right for us. The Staff was friendly and helpful. We look forward to returning in the future.

5on Google,Sep 27, 2020

5on Google,Sep 24, 2020

4on Google,Sep 24, 2020

These are the small shops & eateries that i expect among the waterway. My only complaint is that is to small (more shops!!) And its expensive to park at over the weekend. You also see the boats of excursions the which is really cool

5on Google,Sep 23, 2020

Best shopping ever plus plenty of things for the kids to do

5on Google,Sep 22, 2020

5on BirdEye,Sep 22, 2020

I am not one to take the time to write reviews, however, I really want people to know that the Grande Vista restaurant is excellent! I have stayed at the Emerald Grande numerous times and never had a bad experience. What I learned on this trip is that there is no need to go anywhere else to eat which makes for a really enjoyable, leisure experience. We had a party of 4 and ate breakfast and dinner in the Grande Vista. Everyone enjoyed their meal! The crab cake on fried green tomato with crawfish sauce was amazing!

5on Google,Sep 20, 2020
luvia kari

Love it

4on Google,Sep 20, 2020

5on Google,Sep 19, 2020

5on Google,Sep 19, 2020

Awesome place to walk and enjoy! Lots of scenery and shopping for the family!

5on Google,Sep 19, 2020

A lot of walking.

5on Google,Sep 18, 2020

Great place to hangout, drinking, eating and live music.

3on Trip Advisor,Sep 18, 2020

Poor Customer Service I arrived to the Emerald Grand super excited. I had stayed here in the past with my family and had a great time before, however this time around we were not greeted with the same level of customer service as before. I walked up to the concierge and instead of a hello welcome to the Emerald Grand, I was the one who had to initiate the conversation and let her know that I was here to check in. No smile or nothing just kinda an awkward situation to be put in and not what I expected from a 5* resort. We were also not even asked if we would need any help with our bags and ended up carrying our heavy bags up two flights of stairs to the Sunset Suites. I had also asked if there were any available ocean view rooms we could upgrade to, but she didn’t even check and just said that the room we were staying in was beautiful enough. Was just a little bummed out since I was expecting an amazing stay. Emerald Grand is still very beautiful and out room was great! I would still recommend staying here, but I wish the staff could be like they used to!

5on Google,Sep 15, 2020

Awesome place. Lots of lights and stuff to do and good food.

5on Google,Sep 15, 2020

5on Google,Sep 14, 2020
Julianna Moreno

Really beautiful! Lots of great shops and touristy spots. Great view of the ocean as well.

5on Google,Sep 13, 2020

4on Google,Sep 13, 2020

5on Google,Sep 13, 2020

3on Google,Sep 12, 2020

5on Google,Sep 11, 2020

Amazing!!!!! Love this place!!!! Visit 10 or more times when we come down for vacation!!!!

5on Google,Sep 10, 2020

Lots of things to do and see

4on Google,Sep 10, 2020