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5on Google,Mar 19, 2020
Sue Ann

5on Google,Mar 19, 2020

Pretty cool experience. Lots of different eateries and places to grab a drink. Everything you could want to do in Florida is possible here. Really enjoyed it today

5on Google,Mar 18, 2020

5on Google,Mar 18, 2020

5on Google,Mar 18, 2020

5on Google,Mar 17, 2020

5on Google,Mar 17, 2020

Un lugar muy hermoso para disfrutar caminando disfrutando de sus tiendas..restaurantes bares...espectáculos novedades tours que se ofrecen para ir de pesca con la familia pasear en botes...comprar artesania del un sitio muy acogedor en el dia o noches tiene su encanto con ese olor a mar que te invita a disfrutar la naturaleza y sus bondades...respirar aire un lugar que te permite caminar al aire libre.....No dejes de conocerlo si vas de visita a Destin o Fort West Florida.....y para ir con tus niños es ideal....aunque hay lugares como los bares que son para adultos....No te lo pierdas.

4on Google,Mar 17, 2020


5on Google,Mar 17, 2020

Very nice destination in Destin Florida. Night time day time

5on Google,Mar 16, 2020

Busy, busy, busy! A lot to do and a lot of people doing it all.

5on Google,Mar 15, 2020

4on Google,Mar 15, 2020

5on Google,Mar 14, 2020

5on Google,Mar 14, 2020

4on Google,Mar 13, 2020

Cool. A bunch of shops, restaurants, and activities for the whole family. The place is a bit of a tourist trap, but certainly worth checking out. They clip you for $10 parking. We went on the Southern Star Dolphin Cruise and really had a great time. Saw many dolphins up and close. An excellent time for 2 hours

5on Google,Mar 13, 2020

Lots to do. Great stores friendly people

5on Google,Mar 13, 2020

Plenty to do and see. If you're bored it's your own fault.

4on Google,Mar 13, 2020

4on Google,Mar 12, 2020

5on Google,Mar 12, 2020

0on Facebook,Mar 11, 2020

5on Google,Mar 10, 2020

5on Google,Mar 10, 2020

Nice place to look around

5on Trip Advisor,Mar 10, 2020

Fantastic Property! But Read On. As a place to stay in Destin, Florida, you could hardly do better than the Emerald Grand which we stayed with last week, using our Club Wyndham points. They are a co-managed property, so not all suites are Club Wyndham. The front desk staff, the restaurant people, all in general were great. One glitch: The room was missing a vanity mirror in the master bath because it had been broken. The front desk issued a $50 room credit, which satisfied us under the circumstances. So no complaints whatsoever for the location, the amenities, and the resort in general. The Club Wyndham concierge, whom you are required to see at virtually all Wyndham properties in order to get your parking pass or other necessary items, left something to be desired, however. We have participated in a number of Wyndham seminars, updates, and meetings. We know full well how these work and what you should expect. So we said at the beginning that we did not wish to do so this time. Okay, our concierge said. This will be strictly an information session. He circled the topics on a sheet which he said would be the items in our presentation. These topics seemed of interest to us as owners. He also said it would help him if we participated. The next morning the information session was of course a sales presentation. We said we wished to leave, but then the sales manager and marketing manager had to come into the room to try to convince us otherwise. This is all customary stuff for our Wyndham check in and ownership experience. As I said, we should know better than to agree to attend in the first place. I imagine that the Wyndham staff response would be: “oh yeah? You were kind of rude yourselves!” To that I answer, yes, we sort of were; but we were just fed up by that time. To Club Wyndham I must say this: we also are Disney owners, and never during our years of ownership and stays at Disney properties have we been left feeling stressed, uncomfortable, and pressured as we almost always seem to do with Wyndham. Why do we stick with it? Because, yes, we love the Wyndham resorts. So we will continue being owners and we will continue fending off the high pressure sales staff. It’s part of the cost of staying at their very fine properties, it seems. In conclusion, if you want to visit Destin, Florida, and you are a Wyndham owner, the Emerald grand is a really beautiful place to stay

5on Google,Mar 10, 2020