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The tools and information here are provided for the news media or anyone else working with Emerald Grande at HarborWalk Village and its related businesses. For convenience, we are providing downloadable versions of our logos, news, photos, and press kits. Please review the Brand Standards guidelines below and use logos and other media only in accordance with the guidelines provided on this page. Please only use logos and media material obtained from this site. Usage requirements pertain to all Emerald Grande, HarborWalk Village and its related businesses’ brands, trademarks, product and service names, and logos. Media are encouraged to contact us with any questions.


Who is this for?

Anyone designing, supplying, or working on Emerald Grande or HarborWalk Village marketing initiatives and/or corporate communications.


Why are standards important?

Consistent use of logos helps create and maintain a strong, recognizable brand identity. These standards are not intended to inhibit creativity, but to maintain a standard of quality across all materials. They also help to reduce the costs that arise from uncoordinated design and publishing efforts.


When should standards be applied?

Everywhere Emerald Grande, HarborWalk or its affiliates’ identities appear: stationery, faxes, advertising, publications, video and computer displays, web sites, signage, clothing, etc.


General rules for logo use

The primary logo should be used, unless otherwise specified. the symbol and wordmark are always used together unless otherwise specified. Always maintain logo proportions, never distort or skew the logo from its original form. Maintain the size and spacing ratios of each component. only the official styled text shown may be used, do not change or manipulate the fonts in any way. The logo must appear in its entirety, not cropped or disappearing off the edge of a paper or frame. Never tilt or rotate the logo unless all elements are rotated to the vertical, as on the spine of a book or binder. For design situations involving unusual uses for technical situations, clearance must be obtained in advance. 


Please reach out to our media contact below with any questions.


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