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Sippin’ through the Harbor..

Sippin’ through the Harbor..

Destin Restaurants

HarborWalk Village is just minutes away from many Destin Vacation Rentals, so imagine how convenient it is to have all the best drinks, in one place! HarborWalk Village is home to many (brewtiful) spots to spend your vacation days, nights, and get to enjoy the company of family and friends. Now, let’s take a trip around the harbor and see what we have to sip on.

Let’s start this vacation off by popping some bubbly. Harry T’s weekend brunch special, bottomless Champagne and Mimosas! There is no better way to start off your day than with a glass of champs, alongside one of the many delicious breakfast dishes at good ol’ Harry T’s.

Next up, we will get our beach day started at Jester’s with their signature 22oz Jester take home cup and the strongest drink on Bourbon Street. The Jester is a delicious strawberry kiwi blend, made with Everclear & 151 proof dark rum.

After your quick trip to New Orleans, you can dance on over to Crab Island Cantina for a quick bite to eat, great water views, and their famous margaritas! The Sí Sí Sí margarita is barista recommended, after two or three of these you will be saying “Sí Sí Sí” to anything. Let the ‘pour’ decisions begin..

With many Destin Vacation rentals being in close proximity to Destin‘s beautiful Emerald Coast beaches, it’s only fitting for one to head over to Jackacuda’s Seafood & Sushi to try one of their fishbowls. Smoke on the Water is a new addition to the drink menu here, and this drink is literally smoking! It is made with a mixture of Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, Cruzan Coconut Rum, Mindoro Melon, Fresh fruit juices, and Swedish fish to finish off this tank like appearance. The fishbowl is served with dry ice but the appeal does not stop there, you get to keep the fishbowl once you’re done!

Buzzed yet? The sun sure does beat down here on the harbor so staying hydrated is a necessity. Good news though, right outside the steps of Jackacuda’s is the new Emerald Coast Coconut Hut! These green coconuts are picked fresh weekly and brought up from South Florida. These little coconuts pack a powerful punch containing antioxidants and a refreshing coconut water taste that will leave you feeling satisfied. Everything’s better with a coconut (including pictures)!

The fun does not stop here! Make your way down the village to Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville Destin. Here, even your kids get to take part in the amusement with their signature blinky cups. Your child can get their drink in a cup adorned with flashing lights at the bottom, keeping them entertained while you can order yourself “Booze in a Blender” the adult version that you can order any drink or draft beer in. This bartender recommends the ‘Livin’ It Up’ Margarita, with a hint of fresh orange flavor, yum!

The afternoon heat can have you craving that fresh fruit taste, no better way to quench the thirst than to check out the Pineapple Stand next to Destin Fresh Cut Fries. Here you can get a Piña Colada or Strawberry Daiquiri poured frozen into a pineapple. These guys prepare them on the spot and even chop up the inside of the pineapple for your enjoyment while your drink is being prepared. This drink presents a perfect vacation photo op, that all your friends back home will envy.

Before you head home to your Destin Vacation Rental, stop by Grande Vista Bar & Grill, located inside Emerald Grande. They are pouring daily Happy Hour specials from four to six and these drinks really do hit the spot! Friday’s special is the Bahama Mama which is also their most popular drink. It looks like a sunset in a glass.

HarborWalk Village never falls short when it comes to variety and good taste, next time you’re in town , be sure to check out some (or all) of these tasty sips.

Author: Emerald Grande Staff

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