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Just KID’n Around Your Destin Florida Vacation Rental

Just KID’n Around Your Destin Florida Vacation Rental

Destin Florida Vacation Rental

It’s summertime, you booked your Destin Florida Vacation Rental and found the perfect beach spot, but what to do next? The kids are going to need a little more entertainment than building sandcastles and we have good news, HarborWalk Village is here to help! Right here on the harbor, we have plenty of fun for your little ones..from Rock Climbing at HarborWalk Adventures to sword fighting aboard the Buccaneer Pirate Ship all your entertainment in one place (no kiddin)!

Right in the heart of HarborWalk Village, just around the corner from the main stage, is HarborWalk Adventures. They offer activities for all ages at great heights, perfect for those with a competitive spirit. You can ride across the sky on the zipline and take in the breathtaking views of the white sand beaches, emerald waters, maybe catch a glimpse of your Destin Florida Vacation Rental or climb the LED rockwall day & night for a challenge like no other! HarborWalk Adventures even has a 90ft free fall drop if you’re really looking for a thrill.

Why did the hamster run away? Because he didn’t have a wheel! That hamster may not have a wheel but walk on over to Kidszone and your child can climb inside the lifesize “Hamster Balls” or bungee jump on one of the three trampolines for only $11 per kid! They are sure to have a ball not far from your Destin Florida Vacation Rental!

If your little ones let their curiosity get the best of them, then the HarborWalk Village Mining company is just for them! Situated right between Kitty Hawk Kites and Crab Island Cantina your miner-in-training can choose what they would like to dig for at this miniature mining company. They can sift and dig their little hearts out to find treasures like seashells or gemstones, it rocks!

Speaking of treasure, it is not a day on the harbor without a walk on the plank aboard the Buccaneer Pirate Cruise! This Captain shore knows what he is doing….SEA what I did there? The Buccaneer is an interactive cruise with pirate stories, sword fights, musical games, water gun battles, and much more! Book your reservation today to unlock the treasure of your heart and let all of your dreams come true, not far from your Destin Florida Vacation Rental.

Author: Emerald Grande Staff

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